100fps: How to deinterlace Video the right way. Examples, Tricks, Comparisons

Resulting Video Filesize is highly dependent on the source material


Video Example #1

  • Huge black letterboxes
  • low movements
  • 25 fps progressive (= non-interlaced)


3.6 MB/minute

"Les Demoiselles de Rochefort" (1967) (2.6 MB, 45 seconds)

No, it's not Dannii Minogue and her elder sister Kylie Minogue. It's Catherine Deneuve and her elder sister Francoise Dorleac. They are singing here about being twins and being the zodiac sign Gemini. However in real life they haven't been twins, nor Gemini. The music is by Michel Legrand, who has also written film music for Yentl, James Bond and countless other films. Françoise died the same year in a car accident near Nice at the age of 25. Her car skidded on wet pavement, crashed into a concrete road sign, and went up in flames.

Video Example #2

  • 25 fps progressive (= non-interlaced)
  • slow movements
  • slow forward-pans
  • letterboxes
  • dark scenes


5.5 MB/minute

Robbie Williams (5.3 MB, 58 seconds)

Robbie Williams is quite famous in Europe at this time, although he took (takes?) cocaine. The prettiest piranha in show biz in concert performing a Big Band version of "Have you met Ms. Jones". Take it away, fella!

Video Example #3

  • 25 fps progressive (= non-interlaced)
  • fast movements


7.8 MB/minute

Furious Hippos (3.7 MB, 29 seconds)

It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by
(text from the song "As time goes by" from the movie "Cassablanca")

The strongest bull gets the prettiest "water pig". The winner takes it all. A documentary from BBC.

Video Example #4

  • 50fps
  • medium movements


11 MB/minute

Tasmanian Devil (3.4 MB, 18 seconds)

Since Example #1 is not very likely to happen in real life here is another example. This is a Tasmanian Devil from Australia who doesn't recognize that the gamekeeper wants to do him some good. Tasmanian devils have a 3-ton biting power.

Video Example #5

  • 50 fps 
  • superfast movements/ flashing


28.5 MB/minute

Oomph "Augen auf" (15.2 MB, 32 seconds)

German groups gained audience lately (Rammstein etc) so I add this example. Although I don't understand what they "complain" about, I add this example because it shows an extremely high bitrate. Please, do not download this sample, spare me bandwidth.


100fps: How to deinterlace Video the right way. Examples, Tricks, Comparisons